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Left- handed writing in my To-Do list because half the time my right arm is busy with breastfeeding and if I don't write things down straightaway I forget!! Messy but readable lah!

I broke out of jail today... confinement? What conefinement?! :P Needed more reading material, was going bananas reading and re- reading the same old magazines... which is one of the few things I can do during all the long breastfeeding hours (other things... surfing the Net, reading novels, the newspapers... I'm not into TV which is too bad really....)

So anyway, went to Kino to get my magazine fix for May.... actually, not quite... couldn't find the home- based ones. I guess not out yet! And a couple more novels.... heh heh...

Sewing projects!

When I had a quiet afternoon two days back, I quickly grabbed some pieces of fabric that I had lying around and gave my Singer a workout! :)

A zippered pouch, and a drawstring one. One holds my shawl and the other holds baby's changing mat and wet wipes.

A close- up (sorry a little fuzzy cos I used my iPhone) of the russian dolls! I love this fabric and have it in green, red, black... *grin*

At the end of last month, I managed a "market bag" as I call it, and a pencil case for Kimmie.

I still have a couple of projects I wanna do, but those i need longer stretches of time which now, I no longer have. So ah well, guess those will have to wait indefinitely.

I love the rain... let me tell thee why...

i love the rain... I've always loved the rain... the wet smells in the air, and the clean feeling later on.

But I must say that I grew even more appreciative of the rain after moving to our current place. Not only does it was the heat away, it also washes all the noise- makers away! :) And of course in view of the recent heat- wave that we've had, it's saved me from hauling out watering- can after watering- can of water to quench the thirst of my parched plants.

Seriously though, my deepest appreciation is for the peace and quiet that it brings in the afternoon. Normally, I would have a gaggle of maids talking, screaming and laughing at the top of their voices right at my door step (the patio actually) while supposedly watching their young charges. Seems to me they spend more energy talking, chatting and snacking than watching the young kids - their expat bosses don't seem to mind, so who am i to disagree?

They've recently even gone as far as to get a big fat mat, set it out on the lawn area right in front of my apartment and have picnics there!! Seriously, 5 steps away from my living room. Talk about double- edged sword... when we bought this place, we were attracted to the lawn area right in front of our unit thinking that it was a nice extension of our patio and that the kids could walk right out and have a little piece of green. But that's turned into a major "sore" area for us because of the noisy maids who gather there all afternoon and evening.

So anyhow, I love it when it starts to rain and the big fat rain drops that plop down send everybody else skedaddling for cover and that's when I can stand at my patio and really enjoy the view and my garden in peace! :)

Look! Nobody in sight at all! Just lovely greenery!

My beautiful frangipani tree in bloom!

And these lovely mini orchids are soaking up the rain as you can see from the very wet leaves.... I had given these up for dead some months back, but strangely, the really hot spell in Feb, combined with the rain of these two weeks wrought a miracle, and the plant which had gone flower- less and brown suddenly came back to life.

Now Zachy's got it.

And so, Zachy's got the HFMD now as well. Sigh.

I always knew the chances were really high that he would get it, but still, i was being optimistic when after the first 4 days I didn't see any signs on him.

But yesterday it all came out - the blisters on the feet, the hands the bum, and of course the worse part, the ulcers in the mouth causing great pain and misery.

He's had NOTHING to eat since this morning. He simply cannot be convinced to put anything in his mouth. Luckily juices and milk using a baby bottle seem to be ok.

He came out of his nap wailing that he was hungry. He wanted the soup and bread that Kimmie and i were having. But after just one sip of soup, he was wailing in pain. It's very frustrating for him and for me. It's hard knowing that your kid is hungry and you can't do anything about it.

Plus I think he has a slightly unwell tummy (maybe same as me... had really bad case of food poisoning last night I think... had tummy cramps and the runs), so i can't keep pumping him with milk either cos that might make his tummy worse.

Think I'll try super plain porridge tonight and see if he can stomach that.


And so... we finally got hit by HFMD after 5 years of starting "formal" school in this household.

Ah well, I guess as with most childhood illnesses it was just a matter of time. I just thank God that it's not chicken pox because that would really be bad for baby.

Today is Day 3 of staying home and so far, the kids have somehow managed to stay entertained more or less by themselves with some help from me periodically. Although I must say I can feel the cabin fever creeping in!

From time to time the pain caused by the ulcers make Kimmie very miserable and grouchy and she's running a slight fever. But by and large she's still cheerful and the two of them have a lot of fun together. Don't think they actually miss school THAT much, YET!

The quarantine has forced me to do stuff at home as well and in a way its been good... I've started packing away things that we don't need, things which I have to return to people (baby clothes, maternity clothes...). I've also started to take out baby things that I have to wash and put away into the drawers that will ultimately house Baby's clothes.

Next major thing to seriously tackle is the study. Sigh. That one is always a major challenge!

Up on the soapbox.... don't read unless you are bored lah!

Washing dishes can be a pretty mindless task, and so the brains can be freed to do some wandering... :)

Was just thinking that it doesn't what area in life it is, nobody likes being preached to, in no matter what form - words, actions, straight out, implied, whatever. They just don't like it.

It's an interesting thought for me, and I think for Eug as well cos later he came into the kitchen and he mentioned something about how he gets teased for being a food nazi, and about how he felt a little bad about not being so enthusiastic about his PA's birthday cake when offered a slice today.

I remember back in Uni, someone from Campas Crusade (I think!) told me that sharing the gospel was something quite natural to do, just like if you go to a BBQ and you have a chicken wing and if it's yummy, you would naturally go to other ppl and say "Hey, you have to try the chicken wing, it's really yummy man!" I think she meant to say that if something was so good, or if you felt that something was so good, you couldn't contain it, you'd just naturally say it.

To a certain extent I think it's true.

But now, older and wiser, I also realise that with many other things in life, its not as straightforward as chicken wings!

When you learn some information or gain some knowledge and you think it's very good, it's true that your natural enthusiasm for something you percieve as good will have you wanting to tell people about it. But when you bubble over and share, people around you are likely to think that you are PREACHING and they don't want to be preached to. I think it makes people feel lacking or as if they were in a inferior position. They think that you have a "holier-than-thou" attitude, "I-know-better-than-you" attitude, and mostly they become defensive.

I've found this true for just about any area....

parenting (other parents don't want to hear about your newfound knowledge cos I think they think their kids are just fine and you are being an over- doer...),

health (mostly people with no health problems will think their current lifestyles are just fine and who do you think you are to tell me differently? My uncle ate 5 eggs a day and smokes like a chimney and is hale and hearty now at the ripe old age of 88!),

image (who says black is not my colour? Ppl have told me I look nice in it!),

and even HOUSEWORK (I prefer to use this kind of mop cos that one cannot cover enough floor area!)...

Sooooooo... I've learnt to keep my mouth shut no matter how good I think my "knowledge" or information is. I figured that these days, with the bookshops and libraries and the internet so easily available and accessible to everyone, thre's no excuse for anyone to not suss out new information themselves anyway.

Now... to teach my dear hubby the same thing... he sometimes get a bit over enthusiastic about new knowledge that he's gained and pisses the heck out of people... like for eg his parents when he keeps going on and on about healthy lifestyles and what nots.... aiyoh! I always tell him, if they want to find out more, they will! Don't go on and on about it!

So anyway, that's my thought for the day... *grin* Dishwashing inspirations?!

Inspired by beauty.

With so much housework hanging over my head, I did feel a little guilty for deciding to hang around town instead of going back home after lunch.

But I figured by the time I reached home, I'd only have slightly under an hour before I'd have to leave again to get the kids from school, so what the heck.

I wondered around ION a little aimlessly in the beginning, but ended up being drawn to the basement.

I kinda knew what I wanted to look at.

I don't really buy a lot of clothes and stuff, but I realise i love looking at certain kinds of things, like stationery and little bits and pieces of stuff.

Wandered into Artbox and took my time looking at every cute thing they had. Came out with 2 planners and yet another notebook (I must have enough to last me a couple of lifetimes!)

From the beautiful watercolour series I love!

Popped next door into Muji and carrying with me the inspiration from Artbox, was tempted to buy every single blank notebook they had so I could practice my drawing/ doodling/ scrapping/ decorating skills.

Then wandered upstairs to KikiK. and admired even more stationery.

At the end of the one hour I had, that was all I had covered, so you can imagine how much time I spent in each store. *grin*

As I was walking back towards my car, I remembered something that Eug had said about me last week. He said, half in jest, that my single most burning ambition (and hey KM/ KY he things this is genetic in the Ng sisters) is to collect beautiful things to look at and to admire.

I grinned to myself remembering this notion of his, but as I walked back towards my car and back to my mommy- duties I reflected on the truth of it. Although it was only an hour, I was indeed refreshed and "inspired" by the beauty of the things I had feasted my eyes on. The cute ideas and images I had seen, fed my imagination and made me want to get my hands on my art and craft materials and DO something. I walked away with tonnes of ideas jostling for space in my head.

Same with looking at beautiful magazines and coffee table books I guess.

Whether the ideas become reality is always subject to the amount of time/ energy and discipline that I have, but just having the inspirations gives a fresh burst of energy.

So, no, I don't think I regret not coming home and getting more housework done. I'm better for having walked around a little bit! :)

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Was looking through some of my old entries from the year before and I realise that I need to take a lot more photos. I used to do a lot more for sure! :) Ah well, I try!


Busy day, so what does irresponsible mom do other than feeding her kids a rubbishy lunch?

Park them in front of a movie so she can get housework done.

Washing dishes and mopping floors are pretty mindless tasks as long as you don't break anything.

And so I keep a ear out for what's on the TV.

The kids chose "Up!"

And if you are familiar with the cartoon, you'll know it's storyline pretty well.

And in that mindless vacuum between soapy dishes and slippery floors, there is space for reflecting, there is space for some emotional engagement as the movie plays on.

Especially during the part where they play this "accordian"- like music or carousal- like music and show how the young couple's life evolve- their ups and downs and ending with her passing away.

I think to myself that our lives this year has been like that guy's in the movie. heck, life in general can be like that.

You have your life all planned out, you have things you want to do, goals you'd like to achieve, plans that you have made and are looking forward to and then, life happens and suddenly you are on a whole new path. Not one of your own making, not even one of your own liking perhaps.

The family that you planned becomes a two-some only... a spunky spouse you think will definitely outlive you dies before you do, a home you want to live in forever gets gazetted for new developments... an irritating boy scout who gets in your way when you want to escape to solitude... changing destinations to save some Dodobird...

The situations may be different, but we all recognise on some level that such things have happened to us too. Some good, some bad, some joyful, some heartbreaking.

And my heart searched within me, while my hands were busy clearing dishes, if I had reacted well to these changes. I wonder if I have come away at the end of this year of upheavals a better person, a stronger person, a more faithful person... have I?

I know the guy in the show did. I hope I have too.

Shopping and great customer service!

Ok, I know say this every year, but seriously, I SHOULD START CHRISTMAS SHOPPING EARLIER!!


It's crowded everywhere it's scary. It's hard to walk around with all these shopping hanging on my arms like as if I was an over- laden cloak stand. Aiyoh. And to top it all off, cos I wanted to save on parking, I parked all the way at Isetan Scotts and walked to Taka/ Paragon to finish off my shopping. Walking out was easy cos I wasn't carrying much, but at the end of the day when I was done and had to walk back.... grief...

But there was a bright spark in an otherwise harassed day - I received awesome customer service today!

Was stuck at Paragon cos it was pouring cats and dogs outside and I didn't want to get outside and wet- not because I thought I'd melt but because I didn't want to ruin a handbag that I loved and that I just got last week!!

So after waiting for half an hour and the rain still didn't stop, I decided to get some help. I walked to the boutique where I'd bought the bag from last week, and said I needed a favour - could they possibly seal my bag up for me in a shopping bag so that I could dash across without getting it wet?

The sales staff were fantastic. They remembered me from last week, and they took great care of the bag- wrapped it up in tissue and placed it in a shopping bag and sealed the top so that raindrops wouldn't splatter inside. And then to top it all off, the guy who attended to me when I bought the bag actually took out an umbrella and walked me and all my million and one shopping bags over to Taka!

Great after- sales service I must say! :)