Red Hue (red_hue) wrote,
Red Hue

Braodway Peter Pan

Kids are watching Peter Pan musical and I realize that although I allowed them to choose this because there werent that many children's shows to choose from ( and they were bored of Veggietales already), that it is a very good indeed.

And Kimmie is starting to appreciate the music, the dance... The technical skills that the actors put into the show. She tells me that the person who acts as Peter Pan has the hardest work, and of course she is right.

But Zachy is the funny one... He gets shy and awkward when the show gets to mawkish parts and then he goes hiding under tables or behind doors. It's very funny to watch him. He has these feelings that he cannot put to words, he only knows it doesn't make him feel good.

All in all, great way to expose the kids to Broadway without actually going there! Must dig out more of these!

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