Red Hue (red_hue) wrote,
Red Hue

Today marks two months that we have been here exactly!

Tomorrow the Fall term starts and I realise that time has really gone by quickly. We have been in the US for two months already!

We came in the middle of Summer, and in a few days, Fall officially starts. Wow.

In a temperate climate where the seasons change, you feel the passage of time very acutely I must say, because the change is so tangible around you - the temperature drops, the sunlit hours lessen...

The last two months have been good ones. By God's grace we have settled in well in our beautiful new home. The children are happy, if somewhat bored because they stay home everyday, and I have also established some sort of routine to run this household.

But as they say, the only constant in life is CHANGE, and so with school for the kids starting soon, we anticipate change again. They will have several hours of school and I will have those equivalent hours free to spend one- on- one time with Greg and to do whatever else I wish.

On the one hand, I look forward to having more time (although that really depends on how the little one is like!), but on the other hand, I know it is going to be more stressful because there will be less flexibility in timing - now we can eat lunch at 3pm and dinner at 8pm if we like! This will have to change once school starts since they have to be in bed by 8:30pm in order to get up at 6:30am to be in school by 7:50am! This is going to be a tough change for us since the kids have always been in afternoon school, so to speak.

Well, new phases within new phases! :)
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