Red Hue (red_hue) wrote,
Red Hue


Just yesterday I wrote about sharing the joys of motherhood on Mothers Day, and today I'll have to write about sharing grief...

Last night my neighbour and good friend Anna called me with some really sad news. A mutual friend of ours (who also used to live in our estate) had just lost her ten year old boy.

He fell out of a window, from the sixth floor, on Saturday.

The news was so shocking to us, and so desperately sad. How could such a thing happen? A ten year old?? We're not talking about a really young child here...

He was one half of a pair of twins - they were typical boys, friendly and cheeky. apples of their mama's eyes.

The last time I'd met him he had told me that he liked the smell of my curry cooking as I chatted with his mama outside my apartment.

I cannot imagine what his Mommy is going through. To say that I feel so sad for her is such an understatement.

To lose a child, no matter in what way is devastating.... to lose one in this manner... words fail me.
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