April 19th, 2011

Some things don't change!

I'm sitting here in the midst of all the mess that comes with a household with 3 kids at the end of a day and there's a long list of chores that needs to be done, and I'm thinking, when I get back home to Singapore, and there's a calm moment, I'd like to... bake a tart, sew myself some market bags, put our Boston photos together, sew a quilt for my baby.... and this list in my mind goes on and on. :)

And then I catch myself with a sheepish smile.

Some things don't change.

I remember doing this during exam times when I was a student too... in the midst of towering books and notes that scream a dateline that I was not likely to meet, I'd be daydreaming of all the things I wanted to do AFTER the exams were over. *grin* All this right smack bang in the middle of exam stress.

Funny, huh?

Well, I can say that if things follow as they did in the past, half the daydreams never ever do come true! Haha, they remained as pleasant distractions that never came to fruition.

So maybe my baby won't get his quilt... *grin* or by the time he gets it he might be ready to go off for NS already! :P