Some things don't change!

I'm sitting here in the midst of all the mess that comes with a household with 3 kids at the end of a day and there's a long list of chores that needs to be done, and I'm thinking, when I get back home to Singapore, and there's a calm moment, I'd like to... bake a tart, sew myself some market bags, put our Boston photos together, sew a quilt for my baby.... and this list in my mind goes on and on. :)

And then I catch myself with a sheepish smile.

Some things don't change.

I remember doing this during exam times when I was a student too... in the midst of towering books and notes that scream a dateline that I was not likely to meet, I'd be daydreaming of all the things I wanted to do AFTER the exams were over. *grin* All this right smack bang in the middle of exam stress.

Funny, huh?

Well, I can say that if things follow as they did in the past, half the daydreams never ever do come true! Haha, they remained as pleasant distractions that never came to fruition.

So maybe my baby won't get his quilt... *grin* or by the time he gets it he might be ready to go off for NS already! :P

Braodway Peter Pan

Kids are watching Peter Pan musical and I realize that although I allowed them to choose this because there werent that many children's shows to choose from ( and they were bored of Veggietales already), that it is a very good indeed.

And Kimmie is starting to appreciate the music, the dance... The technical skills that the actors put into the show. She tells me that the person who acts as Peter Pan has the hardest work, and of course she is right.

But Zachy is the funny one... He gets shy and awkward when the show gets to mawkish parts and then he goes hiding under tables or behind doors. It's very funny to watch him. He has these feelings that he cannot put to words, he only knows it doesn't make him feel good.

All in all, great way to expose the kids to Broadway without actually going there! Must dig out more of these!

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Today marks two months that we have been here exactly!

Tomorrow the Fall term starts and I realise that time has really gone by quickly. We have been in the US for two months already!

We came in the middle of Summer, and in a few days, Fall officially starts. Wow.

In a temperate climate where the seasons change, you feel the passage of time very acutely I must say, because the change is so tangible around you - the temperature drops, the sunlit hours lessen...

The last two months have been good ones. By God's grace we have settled in well in our beautiful new home. The children are happy, if somewhat bored because they stay home everyday, and I have also established some sort of routine to run this household.

But as they say, the only constant in life is CHANGE, and so with school for the kids starting soon, we anticipate change again. They will have several hours of school and I will have those equivalent hours free to spend one- on- one time with Greg and to do whatever else I wish.

On the one hand, I look forward to having more time (although that really depends on how the little one is like!), but on the other hand, I know it is going to be more stressful because there will be less flexibility in timing - now we can eat lunch at 3pm and dinner at 8pm if we like! This will have to change once school starts since they have to be in bed by 8:30pm in order to get up at 6:30am to be in school by 7:50am! This is going to be a tough change for us since the kids have always been in afternoon school, so to speak.

Well, new phases within new phases! :)

Japanese art books!

Yaaay.... I did it!! I put through my Japanese Amazon order and according to their tracking records, I should be recieving these on Friday!! :)

I'm so looking forward to recieving them! :) Took me so long to locate them.. Kino din have them, and I didn't realise there was such a thing as a seperate website for Amazon Japan.. and even after that, it was not exactly smooth sailing using a largely Japanese website!! Aiyoh.... BUT finally they are on their way to me!!

Pain..... arggghhh...

Mother has a lot of "kang tow"s and she always have some cure or another for my headaches which I've been suffering for forever it seems....

I've tried her traditional chinese "tui nah" guy.... bu ke yi...
I've tried her Indon massage lady... tidak jalan lah....
I've tried her very fierce accupuncture doctor.... ow ow, obviously the porcupine treatment is useless for me.

Finally this morning.... she sent me to this M'sian doc who spends half his time here in Singapore. Think he's some kind of a physiotherapist.... he cures by manipulating/ releasing tight muscles. Sounds like some kind of shiok massage? DREAM ON....

It's majorly painful!! One of his assistants worked on me this morning... she's this petite little thing, with her hair all bunned up to reveal a pretty face with fancy coloured contact lenses.... but omigads, the muscles she have in those shapely arms are anything but petite can?!!

You know the muscles you have at the sides of your neck that runs like a rope along both sides under your jaw? It's really hard to grab them cos they're not exactly near the surface and you have to angle your head and relax it to grab it.... well I swear she can kill a person by just grabbing that rope of muscles and SQUEEZING!!

There she was squeezing my neck, and I was lying there wondering if I should scream or cry or bolt out of the door.... I settled for screaming... I don't think I would have made it off the bed not to mention out of the door in that state. WAHLAO eh...

But I have hopes this will work cos at a couple of places I felt the pain radiating to my head as she manipulated the muscles.... at the exact places where my headaches occur!

After all that it had better work!!! I'm completely sore on one side from this morning....

Tomorrow left side... die.....
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Multi- tasking...

... just got a little easier.

We finally caved in and bought an electric breast pump. We'd been using a borrowed one, but now it seems that it'll take longer than we anticipated for me to go back to total breastfeeding, so we went out and bought this:

It's a hands- free one, and so now I can easily read or type or surf while pumping. And because it is a mobile unit, I don't have to sit in a corner of the room feeling like a cow at the milking station (most power points are in corners, have you noticed?!).

And I know its funny... but this is how it looks like...

So far I've managed to answer emails and eat lunch while doing this milking business!!
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Just yesterday I wrote about sharing the joys of motherhood on Mothers Day, and today I'll have to write about sharing grief...

Last night my neighbour and good friend Anna called me with some really sad news. A mutual friend of ours (who also used to live in our estate) had just lost her ten year old boy.

He fell out of a window, from the sixth floor, on Saturday.

The news was so shocking to us, and so desperately sad. How could such a thing happen? A ten year old?? We're not talking about a really young child here...

He was one half of a pair of twins - they were typical boys, friendly and cheeky. apples of their mama's eyes.

The last time I'd met him he had told me that he liked the smell of my curry cooking as I chatted with his mama outside my apartment.

I cannot imagine what his Mommy is going through. To say that I feel so sad for her is such an understatement.

To lose a child, no matter in what way is devastating.... to lose one in this manner... words fail me.

Happy Mothers' Day... my reflections on being a mommy.

Monday again... I have the house to myself with little Greg, and it's back to the daily grind! With some gratitude actually... my laundry basket was about to burst at its seams!

We had a good week- end. It was quite a busy one, what with Mothers Day and Zachy's birthday.

Mothers Day went by without much fanfare though. We didn't do very much, just had a simple lunch at my mom's place like we do every single Sunday! :) Somemore she had to do the washing up... poor Mommy!

Me? I got a lovely card from Kimmie, all on her own steam, no need for reminding from Papa this year.

So precious....

As a mommy I really understand now that all a mommy needs truly is her children's love and respect.... presents and all that... just the trimmings thats all. :) Which is why the Bible says:

"Children, honour your father and your mother so that you may live long in the land that the Lord your God is giving you."

And I'm so very glad that the Bible asks children to honour their parents without qualifications. It doesn't say "honour your parents only if they are good, only if they are wise, only if they are capable, only if they are skilful, only if they are not weak, only if they are DESERVING of that honour".

As a parent now, I'm all too aware of my humaness, of my weakness, and of my imperfections. I'm a flesh and blood Mommy, i'm not God. I cannot be perfect, I cannot be without my failings, I cannot be without my weakness. But despite all that, I do want my children to love and respect me, and to always speak with that love and respect to me and about me.

And so.... going with the Golden Rule... Do unto others and blah blah blah, I'm learning everyday to speak with love and respect to my parents regardless of whether I think they are deserving or not... only because the God I love and strive to obey asks me to, because one day down the road, I want my children to do the same. And hey... I KNOW for a fact, that despite all their weaknesses, my parents love the stuffing out of me! :) They deserve my love and respect just simply because of that. It's not always the easiest, but we try...we try!!

So, Happy Mommys' Day to my Mommy... and to all the Mommies out there, I hope you and yours will always be surrounded by His love!

The force be with you....

KY sent me a bunch of links of inspiring web sites that she thought I'd love to look through while I was nursing. And the very first one already had something I would LOVE to be able to work on!!

Zachy would love this! (from

He's a real big Star Wars fan! And how cute is this little green Yoda! Problem is, I'm no good with this crochet and knitting business.... darnit!

inspired to draw!

Wow.... wish I could draw like this....

They're all from this

If I could draw half as well, I'd imagine that I'll journal like she does... in pictures and doodles....

Another inspiration is this guy and the books he's authored....Danny Gregory ( . Makes me wanna run out and buy his books!